The Brimstone Head Folk FestivalHeading 3

During the second weekend of August each year, the park hosts the annual Brimstone Head Folk Festival. The park comes alive with the sound of music and laughter as both local and visiting performers showcase their talent.
The Brimstone Head Folk Festival is now more popular than ever! Hundreds of locals and tourists flood the park to enjoy one of the best musical festivals our province has to offer.
The festival begins on Friday as the motorcade makes its way into the park. It runs until Sunday night when this eventful weekend goes out with a bang as fireworks explode into the night sky!
The reason the event is such a success is thanks to Bridget Leytt and her dedicated team of volunteers. Bridgett is an award winning event planner, organizer and talented musician seen here cranking out a jig!!
For more information check out the Festival website: